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Turbobit Premium Account is a cloud storage platform that allows you to upload, download, store and share files seamlessly via your computer browser. Besides storing and sharing your files with friends, this platform also allows you to download files from your friends using the links they provide. What is more amazing is that this cloud storage platform is free, but with an option to upgrade to a Turbobit premium account whenever you need to access extra services.

Apparently, Turbobit is headquartered in the USA and it has been in existence for over 10 years, making it one of the leading cloud storage providers still in business.

The essence of cloud storage providers is that they eliminate the need to carry USB flash sticks and hard drives. Additionally, they offer convenience, especially if you need to share large files that may take too long to upload and send using your email account.

User Interface

turbobit interface
One feature that you will probably like about Turbobit is that it is very easy to use. You can easily upload files as a guest without even registering an account. All you need to do is drag and drop your files to their corresponding fields when uploading. However, this can be very slow as non-members are limited to lower upload/download speeds. For this reason, it is only logical to open a free or premium account.

Interestingly, signing up is extremely easy, and it won’t take much of your time. It only requires your email address and password. You also need to click on the TOS checkbox to complete the sign-up process.

In terms of languages used, Turbobit is multilingual as the site is used in several countries around the world. The language changes automatically depending on your browser settings, but you may always switch to your preferred lingo at the click of a button. Available languages range from Deutsch to Japanese.


Like most cloud storage providers, uploading and downloading files on Turbobit is comparatively easy. You just need to drag and drop files to the corresponding field. However, for multiple file uploads, you need to use your browser, FTP or API upload. Notably, only users who are registered may access the parallel upload function. Guest users may only upload one file at a time.

Registered members may upload as many files as they wish up 100GB in size while guests may upload files of up to 200 MB in size. However, the storage time ranges between 7 days and 30 days for unregistered and registered premium members respectively. Turbobit premium account holders enjoy a storage time increase of up to 60 days from the moment of the most recent transfer.

Amazingly, you can also use your smartphone phone to upload files. Turbobit has a mobile version of their website that allows users to operate their accounts conveniently using their handheld device.

Even though users may upload as many files as they want, Turbobit has enforced several restrictions on the content of the files. According to their terms of service, you may not upload files that violate copyright laws. Other forbidden files include nudity, pornography, promotions dealing with escort services and content that may introduce harmful viruses.

Is Turbobit Safe?

Turbobit does not have a clear security or privacy policy. So, this may raise questions whether your files are safe or not. However, they use SSL encryption to protect the privacy of members, and secure the integrity of stored files. This is good enough to ensure that hackers are kept at bay, and there is no unauthorized transfer of files. Moreover, users are encouraged to take safety precautions, especially when using a public computer to upload or download files. In addition, users may not create more than one account. This reduces the risks of online fraud or cheating, further enhancing the integrity of this site.

Turbobit Free Account is 100% free to join. However, non-paying members have to contend with various limitations such as lower upload/download speeds, limited storage space and no parallel downloads. Furthermore, you have to wait for 20 seconds before you can start a download.

One of the most annoying downsides about free membership is that you have to put up with dozens of adverts popping up on your browser consistently. Moreover, free membership does not support download resume, meaning that you have to restart the entire process again in case of broken links.

Turbobit Premium Account

Account type:FreePremium
Download speed:55-60 Kbytes/s1 Gb/s
Download restriction:A file every 60 minutes25 GB per day
Accelerators supported:NoYes
Download without any time delays:NoYes
No ads:NoYes
Resume aborted downloads:NoYes
Unlimited parallel downloads:NoYes
Download by direct linkNoYes
File Size Limit200 MB100 GB
When are your files deleted?30 Days60 Days

To enjoy high-speed uploads and downloads, it is advisable that you upgrade to a Turbobit premium account. Premium members enjoy dozens of benefits. Firstly, you do not have to wait for downloads to start as they are almost instant.

turbobit speed

Furthermore, premium membership supports a number of popular accelerators and download managers. You can also resume your download at any time as soon as you reconnect your internet without having to restart the entire process again.

Another benefit of becoming a premium member is that it supports parallel uploads and downloads. You also don’t have to contend with annoying ads as it is the case with free membership.


turbobit pricing

What most people don’t realize is that premium membership is relatively affordable. If you consider the benefits that you stand to gain then becoming a paid member is worth every dime. Here are the payment plans offered by Turbobit.

Customer Support

Turbobit does not have a splendid support center considering the fact that you may only send queries using email ticketing. You may not call or live chat as these support features are not available. This does not guarantee a response, and it may be quite frustrating especially if you have a burning issue that requires an immediate response. Nevertheless, Turbobit makes up for this shortcoming by having a well-written and highly detailed FAQ section

Turbobit Premium pros and cons


  • Parallel uploads and downloads

  • Easy file management

  • Download resume supported

  • Supports various download accelerators

  • Extremely affordable price plans

  • Ambiguous privacy policy


Turbobit is one of the many file hosting providers available today. However, they stand out from their competitors when it comes to pricing. Becoming a premium member is exceptionally affordable making this site comparatively popular than the rest of the pack.Become a premium member today and enjoy an endless list of benefits.

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